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Droid 2 Global (A956)



if you install this SBF, never, never to return to a previous version, also remember that no root method for the moment, this only serves to repair the brick phone if you already upgraded to 4.5.629.


1 Enable USB debugging on your phone,
2, the computer up from this CD
3 Connecting the phone to the computer (the phone must be in at this point)
4 Start the root process by selecting option 1
5 When it says on the screen that the phone needs placed in boot loader (almost immediately as it only has to send 1 command before placing them in the boot loader) turn off the phone, and put it in the manager start by holding the up arrow on the phone keypad while turning.
6 when in the boot loader and connected to the phone, press ENTER on your computer to proceed prior to the installation of an image went to the phone, provided that the exploit to start the phone.
7 When it has evaporated, the phone should reboot. If it freezes during startup, unplug the phone, remove the battery, replace the battery and power again. Once on, connect the cable again, and the process will continue (immediately restarts again)
8 When the phone restarts, the ADB should be root, so it will push the necessary files to the phone, and restart the phone again. By Morlok8k, cache must be cleaned to avoid problems bootloop, so the phone will restart in recovery.
9 You have to press both volume buttons to enter the recovery, which should be cleaned cache partition and reboot.
If all goes well, the phone must be rooted.
If you try, please check if it works for you, or causes problems.
I hope this helps someone.


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