Droid 2 A957  File



1 Enable USB debugging on the phone,
2 Boot computer off of this CD
3 Hook up phone to computer (phone needs to be on at this point)
4 Start the root process by selecting option 1
5 When it says on the screen that phone needs placed in bootloader, (almost right away, as it only needs to send 1 command before placing in bootloader) power off the phone, and put it in bootloader by holding the up arrow on the keyboard of the phone while powering on.
6 when in bootloader and hooked up to the phone, press enter on the computer to proceed, a preinstall image will be flashed to the phone, providing the exploit that will root the phone.
7 When it has flashed, the phone should reboot. If it hangs when booting, unplug phone, remove battery, replace battery and power back on. When powered on, hook up cable again, and the process will continue (it will immediately reboot again)
8 When the phone reboots, ADB should be root, so it will push the necessary files to the phone, and reboot the phone again. Per Morlok8k, cache should be wiped to avoid bootloop problems, so the phone will be rebooted into Recovery.
9 You will have to press both volume buttons to enter recovery, where you should wipe cache partition and reboot.
If all went well, your phone should be rooted.
If you try it, please verify if it works for you, or gives you trouble.
Hope this helps someone.