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Asana app Free Download


Asana app Free Download



Asana is the easiest for computers log their work and get results form. Task and project discussions and notifications, Asana allows teams to move the work from start to finish. It’s simple to start, but enough to run your entire business powerful. And it’s free.

Main features

Quickly update and add your WORK ON THE GO
– Create tasks, to-dos, reminders and requests for any part of the application (or from the home screen, the widget)
– Create projects to organize your tasks
– Add due dates, assignees, followers, details and files to your tasks
– Review of tasks from anywhere


Track all your WORK
– View and organize the task list whenever Asana opens
– View favorites and the complete list of teams and projects
– Add project tasks to break their work
– Swipe to quickly complete tasks and notify your team that your work is finished
– Search through all your work to find the information you need quickly
– Add your My tasks or lists of projects to the main screen, with Asana widget

– Use conversations to make announcements to your computer, ask a question on a project, or comment on a single task
– Receive notifications in the inbox on only projects, tasks and conversations you’re following
– Send a companion a quick response with a heart or a comment directly from the inbox


Unlimited use FREE
– Add tasks, projects, comments, conversations and attachments for free, for teams up to 15 people
– Track your work on Android, even when you’re offline.



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