Crysis 2 PC Game Free Full Version


Crysis 2 PC Game Free Full Version


Crysis 2 is the latest game by Crytek Studios. This company is so epic. Far away? Wow. My 9800 Pro just had a heart attack. ¿Far Cry 2? Wait a second. The second one is not the same as the first. Crysis. Crysis 2. The same thing. And every game? Similarly divided into two. Something like MGS2 and MGS4. You know, because it is a FPS Far Cry and Far Cry 2 is a FPS long and repetitive world that is almost more like Fallout or Oblivion Far Cry open? Like how MGS2 is a very fun game and MGS4 might have been funny if it was just more like Peace Walker. Crysis 2. It’s kind of like Crysis absorbed Deus Ex Invisible War, Halo 2, and cod. Which means it’s pretty big. You can upgrade your powers play by absorbing the mysterious radiant energy of his enemies. Larger, even they remind me of hunters halo. What I really like about Crysis 2 is so good it looks. That is, personally I turn off the effects of framebuffer as ambient occlusion so you can have the highest frame rate and lowest latency, but the game runs smoothly in drilling equipment,

Crysis 2 is two game modes can be played in 3D and 2D.Fight is alien attack YORK.Alien NEW enemies armed with deadly weapons.And start pushing out.


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  • Required System 

OS Windows XP-Vista-7-8
Core 2 Duo Processor
DirectX 9.0c

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