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DeviceLock Download Latest Version


 DeviceLock Download Latest Version





  • Download the latest version of Device Lock
    DeviceLock download latest version. DeviceLock is a software application designed to help network Administrators to set access permissions for USB and FireWire ports, adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, PDA, CD-ROM, floppy drives or other removable devices.

    • The application gives users the ability to select the network computers to be scanned, set up a connection to the server DEPA, assign credentials (username and password) for individual PCs or network domains and configure the port (fixed or dynamic ports).
    • What’s more, you can create multiple projects and sort by different criteria, or filter their content in terms of log files audit reports or permits, and use the built-in comparing two previously saved projects wizard and save the results in TXT or CSV file format.
    • DeviceLock comes packed with several plugins designed to help you view a file audit log, define a maximum log size, update DeviceLock on other computers, generate a report containing data security permissions for selected devices and other plugins as well.



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