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Folder Guard Download Latest Version


Folder Guard Download Latest Version Free


The operating system helps you in this regard, but if you are looking for the most advanced tools,

Folder Guard could be the right solution. Wearing an intuitive, clean interface and various features that promises to keep your data safe.Not much effort is required to implement on your system, and after this is done can open the main window.


An update, flat feeling welcomes you with a large work space and the top toolbar and the side panel being home to all available features.Like name suggests, you can keep your folders, not just easily protected custody folder Guard. Dragging the desired items on the main window is the easiest method triggers a wizard that will take you through a series of steps.


It lets you choose the type of protection and related settings.In addition, you can set the visibility of empty and hidden as well as the ability to modify the permissions either read-only or no access at all. This can be done with any folder including removable storage devices.


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