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Free Download FlashPipe.FlashPipe is a file transfer program from flash memory cards with high capacity and configurable by the user. We have done our homework and have designed Free Download FlashPipe¬†be more than a “pipe” data application. The days of the copy / paste from Windows Explorer are more files, but that’s just scratching the surface of what can FlashPipe do.Now you can copy / move photos and videos to different locations, multiple locations, even through a network to multiple computers! The need to move photos and videos to one site to another? You must copy the files to a parent folder, backup, and two networked computers? It is not a problem with Free Download FlashPipe.

FlashPipe “one click and done” slogan taken the pain to get your photos and videos from flash memory cards for the camera! FlashPipe even develops all raw photos and automatically places the photos revealed in a subfolder “developed” in each place! All with a single click on the “Go” button.


Once you have identified the operations you want to perform (copy / move and selected destinations) it is as easy as inserting the flash memory card in your computer and clicking the “Go” button when the window opens automatically