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Google Earth 7.1.1 Free Download


Google Earth 7.1.1  Free Download

Google Earth 7.1.1 allows you to travel the world from the comfort of your desk, explore stunning satellite images into stunning 3D. Fluid interface makes it easy to jump from one country to another and the right to street level zoom. Certain cities around the world benefit from 3D tours that can be used to take a virtual tour of the main points of interest and get a sense of the terrain


You can also search for local businesses and attractions, and localization tools mean that marker locations on the map and share them with other users is possible. This function can also be used to create virtual tours – perhaps to show the path you have taken on your travels.


While the program is huge fun, but can also be used for more serious uses. A range of different maps can be displayed, including historical maps that can show how the country’s borders have changed over the years. Google Earth can also be used as a route planner and to find out valuable information about towns, cities and countries you will visit. Additional components are available that can be used to take virtual tour of the sky, the moon and the sun and the way in which users are encouraged to generate their own content to add to the maps means there is always something new to find .

Google Earth 7.1.1 is a minor update. Changes include:


– Ability to create rich images and print and save annotations
– Redesigned print stream
– The viewshed / line analysis tool in view of a placemark
– New features in Google Earth and Google Earth Pro
– Support for Leap Motion device
– Improved stars
– The integration of tools Google Feedback
– Redesigned balloons


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