Gumshuda Qaflay by Naseem Hijazi


Gumshuda Qaflay by Naseem Hijazi


      Naseem Hijazi based most of his work on the history of Islam. In dealing with this story,             which shows both the rise and fall of the Islamic empire. Muhammad Bin Qasim novels, Aakhri                 Ma’raka, Qaisar-o Kisra and Qafla i-Hijaz describe the era of the rise of Islam to the political,                       militaristic, economic and educational power. While Yusuf Bin Tashfain, Shaheen, [2] Kaleesa                  Andheri Raat Aur Aag and ke Musafir describe the period of the Spanish Reconquista. In one of these      novels (Kaleesa Aur AAG) has painfully, however, the truth, the infamous Spanish Inquisition that            began targeting the Jews of Spain and ended with the conversion or expulsion of the Moors or crypto-      Muslims shown to it was converted to Christianity. [Citation needed]


In Akhri Chataan, describing the conquest of Central Asia Genghis Khan and his destruction of the Khwarizm Sultanate. The novel shows the brutal conquests of the Mongols, the military genius of Genghis Khan, the strength of unbreakable will of Sultan Jalal ud-Din Shah Khwarizm, and the condition unworthy of the Abbasid caliphate in Baghdad. [Citation needed]


He wrote two sequential novels in the British conquest of India, and described the shortcomings of the Indian nations after the fall of the Mughal Empire. Mu’azzam Ali begins shortly before the Battle of Plassey. The main character, Muazzam Ali, joins the fight against the British with the army of Siraj-ud-Daula. The story revolves around the character moves from one place in India to another in search of the lost glory and freedom. [Citation needed] is participating in the Third Battle of Panipat and finally settles in Srirangapattana, which was growing in power under the imposing personality Ali Haider. The book ends almost around the death of Ali. The second book, Aur Talwar Toot Gayee (and the sword is broken) is about the son of Haider Sultan Tipu, where the same character is to find their dreams come true in the valiant efforts of Tipu against the Company of the West Indies British. The book culminates in the sad and untimely martyrdom of Tipu Sultan. [Citation needed]

  • He also wrote a novel about the independence of Pakistan called Khaak aur Khoon. [3]


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