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Image Analyzer 1.36.1 Free Download


Image Analyzer 1.36.1 Free Download

Image Analyzer is an interesting image editor with a lot of powerful options.

You get the essential elements of basic editing, then with the tools to crop or resize a photo, rotate, flip or mirror, sharpen an image, and automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma


But that’s just the beginning. Photo retouch options start with a simple painting tool, for example, and include clone, the spot healing and brushes deformations. Powerful filters to reduce noise, cut shadows, increase contrast and apply all kinds of other actions, and an option excellent user defined filters makes it easy to add additional tools of their own is obtained.


And there are plenty of tools at expert level for those who know how to use them: distance, Fourier and discrete cosine transform, various morphological operations, options deconvolution to reduce blurs, complete conversions color model, and the list goes on.

Although a major problem with Image Analyzer is that when it comes to the most advanced tools, no detailed help at all. If you are not sure what a menu entry such as “morphological operations” means (and there are a lot of technical terms similar here way), for example, the best you can do is try different options and see if you can decipher.


If you are an expert image editing, however – or just as editors, where there is a lot to explore – then image analyzer has a huge amount to offer, and will keep you busy and entertained for a long time.


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