Jurassic Universal Android Tool



1. TAB SERVICEReset user code A. B. restartC pattern. PatternD read the code. CodeE sender. delete data (Factory Reset – ADB) F. delete data (Factory Reset) – FastBootG. Clean historyH. Root A13 tablet
2. TAB EDITOR. build.prop edition (intermittent modified build.prop requires root on some devices) B. script.bin edition (A13 devices) C. SN changers devices A13 (First in the world !!!) D. animationE start flashing. APK Extractor (Just for fun – see what’s inside any of APK)
3. TAB memorya. Reading the memory of Information / state (system / data / sdcard-internal / externalB. CPUC reading information. Reading informationD module. Read battery data / statistics wipeE battery. Read partition / verification
4. Several Taba. Backup – SD card files, files in the camera, installed applicationsB. A13 FirmwareC capsize. Rockchip Android flasher integrated ALLWINNER and cpuD. IMEI Rebuilder – A10-A13 chips, Rockchip and MTK (requires root)
5. TAB APPSA. InstallerB applications and games. Post AdministratorC. List of installed applications (does not work on some devices) D. uninstall installed applications
6. TAB DROID EXPLOR3R- Explore inside your Android device, just for fun, beta mode.