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For Computer & Leptop


Line lets you make calls from your PC to iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The test line interface of this software the best. This software is a PC application based Japanese that helps you make free calls and messages of all types of telephony devices, other PCs and Macs. Users can also make calls and can communicate with their friends and colleagues who are using PCs and Macs. You do not have video installation called so far, but still you can send short videos and audio messages.

online messaging software has good call quality as well and users are willing to use it from all over the world. All that is necessary before using it on PC; you have to register your email on your smartphone Line application, then proceed to log on to the PC. The line has a lot of smileys and gives you the opportunity to buy more stickers. the beauty of software is enhanced and may find it more fun. line quality depends on your Internet connection and 3G network operator. Its characteristic “window Label ‘makes it the most desired application in the Japan market. If there is any problem with the line, then it may be a problem with the internet connection. However, this application is free, but the data costs will be deducted from your operator.

The great advantage of this application is that over WhatsApp; you have the PC version, but WhatsApp not released its version of PC so far. It has millions of users in more than 230 countries around the world and the most downloaded application in more than 40 countries. Therefore, use the line on your PC and keep in touch with loved ones.