MAME 32 with Neo Geo Download for PC Games Free Download


  1. Simply extract, and an exe file and folder Mame32 Neogeo pad is located. Do nothing with the Neogeo folder. Only help to run their games. Now you can play any game using your ROM file. Just copy and paste the rom folder inside the folder where Neogeo and mame32.exe.
  2. To play the game, mame32.exe open and update. Select the folder named “Available” on the left sidebar as you can see in the picture above. Then you can see your desired game. Double-click the game and start playing.
  3. To set the button controls press tab keyboard game when the game starts. You can configure the button 1, 2, 3 or 4 as your need. To change the key to navigate to the option (eg, button 1) and press Enter. Now the key is pressed, will become the default button 1. Similarly value, you can change all the buttons accordingly. Remember, some antivirus like Norton by Symantec remove this and detected as malware, but clean. You can disable your antivirus for a while to play this. After that, you can activate the virus.