McAfee Avert Stinger Free Download

McAfee Avert Stinger is a portable stand-alone antivirus tool that can detect and remove some malicious programs.

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In its simplest form, all you have to do is download the program, run it, click Scan and wait to see what happens. simple analysis on demand Stinger should not conflict with any other security software, so you can run with your existing antivirus package without any problems. And if the program detects any threat, then it will take for you.

Stinger has some interesting settings hidden behind the Preferences button. You may want to check to ensure the program checks the boot sector virus, such as “Boot sectors” box. And if you are sure that your system is infected, but Stinger can not find anything, then you might try increasing the level of heuristics sensitivity. This makes it more likely that the program will detect suspicious files, but also increases the likelihood that it will highlight programs totally innocent, so you must also change the “On virus detection” of “repairing” to “single report, “at least initially.

Note, Stinger only detects copies of most common malware (click the button virus list to see them all), and offers no protection measures in real time at all, so it is not a substitute for a complete antivirus package . The program can be useful, however, if you have been infected by a virus that normal package failed: Stinger might be able to find and eliminate you.