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MEGAsync 2.9.5 Free Download


MEGAsync 2.9.5 Free Download

Does the world really need another solution in the cloud storage backup? The answer is yes when you look more closely at MEGA, the brainchild of Kim Dotcom, has to offer. First, is offering 50GB of free storage space (with a maximum of 10 GB of bandwidth a month), with payment for plans that offer 500 GB / 1 TB of monthly bandwidth of $ 11 per month or $ 120 a year.


Second, MEGA promises tight security: encryption RSA 2048-bit no less. Your password acts as the master encryption key, so if it is strong enough should be impervious even to brute force attacks. Be careful, however: no password reset options, so if you forget, the data is not shared with others will be lost.


Which has 50 GB of hand is very useful, but to make the most of it you’ll want a client that can synchronize and upload data between your machines effortlessly. This is that client.

Once installed, you are able to synchronize either the entire contents of the unit MEGA or just specific folders within your computer. These are housed within a MEGA folder that is created within the Personal Documents folder – if this does not suit, take a trip to the tab configuration synchronization program to remove the default and add your choice of location in its place. A little uncomfortable, but at least you can do.

Any data that are already in your cloud account then download them to your PC while files or folders copied or updated in this folder will be uploaded to turn back to your online account MEGA. Open the folder in Windows Explorer and you will see little progress icons – red cross, blue and green mark synchronization – indicates if the files are in sync with storage or offline.


Click on the icon in the system tray program to get a fuller picture of what is happening behind the scenes view: what is synchronized recently synchronized items and access to critical settings. From here you can make a number of adjustments, and even optimize the bandwidth of the client to the load does not cripple the Internet (in most cases, the automatic adjustment should be fine).


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