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One Shot Screen Recorder v1.2.9 Apk


One Shot Screen Recorder v1.2.9 Apk


Note for users of Android 5.1
Please do not check the “Do not show again” when prompted for permission dialog screenshot to prevent shock theme user interface system.
screen recorder for Android Lollipop, no root required.
What makes a perfect screen recorder? Quality? Stability? Easy to use? The answer is, everything.

Very often, screen recording record something that is not desired. For example, you are recording a game, at the end of the recording, you have to slide down the notification bar and click the button “stop recording”. This action to stop recording is redundant and in most cases, you may want to just get rid of it altogether. So what will do is it going to get another application (or software) as a video editor to help remove the last few framework do not want.

Image recorder cameras try to get around this problem to make your recorded video ready for production immediately.

Steps to record a video have been simplified to 4 steps.

1. Turn on the recorder
Shot an application to open and click the send screen icon in the upper right of the screen, grant permission to start cast screen when prompted. You will see a floating action button (red) showing in the lower right (mobile) when permission is granted.

2. Start recording
Change to the screen where you want to start recording the screen, and click the button floating action (red) to start recording.


3. Stop recording
When you have finished recording the screen, press the [POWER] button (default: ON) and the recording will stop automatically once your screen is completely off. If you have disabled the “Stop in the off screen” function, you can stop recording the notification bar manually.


4. Disable recorder
To make another screen recording, just keep floating action button (red) and change where appropriate to start recording again. If not, simply drag the floating action button (red) at the top of the screen to turn off completely.






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