Oppo Firmware-Flashfile

OPPO OnePlus one Stock rom Download


OPPO OnePlus one Stock rom Download



  • Install ROM on OnePlus One Step 1. Download the OnePlus A toolkit here and do the same on your PC. Step 2. Download the ROM file CM11s XNPH38R here and save it to your desktop. Step 3. Now connect your phone to your PC and run the tools OnePlus one game and install drivers ADB first. Step 4. Once the drivers are installed on your Windows PC. Now from the toolbox, click the “flash” button.

> – Press the “Download” button. O Select “Firmware Update” if you want to update the software.
> – Disconnecting the phone, which is to remove the battery and replace it again.
> – Press the “Download” or “Firmware Update” button.
> – Plug the USB cable to the phone to connect to your PC.
> – The process starts, and red, purple and yellow stripes progress will be shown.
Notification “Ok” appeared in a green circle at the end of the whole process ->.
> – Unplug the USB cable. And you can activate it.


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