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ProcessKO 3.93 Free Download


ProcessKO 3.93 Free Download 

  • Uitable for Microsoft Windows : Servers 2000-2012 Win 98/XP/Vista and Windows-7 plus Windows-8/8.1 eg. Windows 10 x64/x86

ProcessKO (1)

ProcessKO is for professionals and experienced users, with very good PC “know-how” (knowledge)!

ProcessKO is a small useful tool (multilingual) designed to quickly kill any running or hanging process / program.

It is not uncommon among developers or program-testers that the program you are testing or not working properly … or you can even close the program (using the Task Manager). What’s more, it is usually always the same as long as they give the problem.


Creation “Favorit-KO” fast death of the processes or programs!


Bata developers and testers are especially familiar with this problem: When a program is frozen, usually called the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL; Then you should find that frozen program in the list, then one has to search for and select the “End Process”. Finally you have to confirm the query, “Are you sure you want to end the process” with “yes”.

  • Now one can save many hand moves and also save time! And it is easier than ever. With ProcessKO, it is ending any process or program goes faster and the program can even be restarted from ProcessKO.



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