Rapid Typing Tutor v3.1.1 Free Download

Whatever you use your computer for, it is difficult to avoid at least some typing. Many jobs involve a lot of typing and learning to type on the keyboard can greatly accelerate workflow and help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.

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There are a number of typing programs available for Windows, but tend to be restrictive expensive – something that puts many people off of their implementation. Rapid Typing Tutor is available completely free of charge and aims to make the learning process fun as much as possible. Designed with children and adults in mind, a colorful interface and is used to present each of the tests.

A virtual keyboard appears on the screen to indicate which fingers should be used to press which keys, and end of each test will be presented with a results screen that shows not only the speed with which he has been writing, but also their accuracy and what kind of rhythm you are using.

The tests get progressively more difficult and the use of a Board records the process similar to playing a game learning – and learn to type faster and more accurately, there is also a great pleasure derived from defeat his personal best.
Proving that learning does not have to be an arduous task, Rapid Typing Tutor makes it easy and fun to improve your writing skills.