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Read Hair Removal Tips



The hairs have gone either fast or painful, short or long term decides the method.

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depilatory advice
Experts consider, dermatologists, talking about the different hair removal techniques and gives different advice for appropriate technical hair removal and care of removing unwanted hair.

  • Waxing tips

Today we say then some simple methods of hair removal, waxing these tips, you can remove unwanted by shaving, waxing, hair remover, laser light pulse and body hair technology.

So if you want to get rid of these unwanted body hair then follow our tips waxing.

  • Hair removal

It goes by the experts, it is a good method. But painful! For this, a hot wax material is applied to the skin with a spatula. When it is hot wax for hair wax surrounding each series to open the pores and allow easy removal of hair.

Once the wax has cooled, it is removed from a stretch. The results last longer. However, it is especially important to ensure that the work is hygienic otherwise it can lead to infection and fungal infections. The skin is not as strongly excited as when shaving, since the process should not be repeated. Gradually, the growth of hair by waxing will be less and less.

A method that is operated electrically. Means of rotating rollers hair should be removed along with the hair bulb. The aim is also where hair growth is becoming less.


The user must be careful to keep always clean the device. remaining in hair roller provide a breeding ground for bacteria. This method of hair removal is painful and time-consuming than wax.
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The result is individual, but can last up to several weeks. Depilation of the armpits and in the groin area, the most intense pain is not recommended, already!
light pulse
The use of the flash lamp, the IPL pulse light technology (IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light), cells of nutrients from the roots of individual hair are deserted. The hair can permanently prevent growth. Several sessions are necessary for treatment, so it is expensive. It is suitable for people with dark hair and light skin.
However, treatment with the flash lamp is not recommended from the dermatological standpoint, as the head of the device is very large, individual organisms such as moles may be difficult or impossible to be omitted. The risk of combustion is large, treatment must necessarily be carried out by an expert.
As in the flash lamp, you can prevent hair growth permanently. It is also required for this method of hair removal several sessions, therefore it is more expensive than other methods.
Application blond hair, light is complicated, the hair lacks the necessary treatment to the pigment melanin. Treatment should be done by an expert. During the laser treatment and IPL can not expose the skin to sunlight, as it can cause pigmentation problems otherwise.
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Improper use of the flash lamp and laser can have consequences throughout the life of white spots on the skin of the scar.

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