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How to root Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone?


How to root Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone?

  • How to root Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone?
    Operating system of all android phones are secured (protected). To access the operating system files we need root access it is the same like operating system of windows. When we ever installing any software or game we need administrator access.
    In android phone When We write IMEI, IMEI Repair, Unlocking, QCN write, and write certificate file we need to root galaxy mobile phone.
    There are two methods to root any software.
    1 Auto root
    2 User root
  • Auto Root:
    Auto root is very easy in few steps we will install root user or superuser.
    First of all we need to turn on USB Debug option.To turn on USB Debugging open setting / About device. Now press build number 8 time.


2. Now press back and open Developer option. Now check USB Debugging.



3.Now we need to install kingo root or iroot.Both are rooting softwares.
4.Open root software lets assume we are rooting mobile phone with kingo root.
5.Open Kingo root and plug usb cable with mobile.


6.Kingo root will first check mobile model and root files.
7.Now kingo root will ask that root not available do you want to root button.


 8.Now Kingo root will download files from internet and will install in your mobile phone.
9.It will take few minutes depending on your internet speed.
10.After completly installation kingo root will ask to press finish.


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