Samsung FRP Lock Solution


Samsung FRP Lock Solution


  • Step by step
  1. Download and install on your PC sidesync
  2. sidesync open and connect the mobile device
  3. In the pop-up menu choose Internet browser
  4. Go to http://www.huadongle.ir/frp/hua.apk
  5. Click Bookmarks> History> download history
  6. install settings.apk
  7. settings.apk and open safety pin then create a screen lock 0000
  8. Go to other trusted security agents >>> disable smart lock Google
  9. Go to easily and choose the easy way out, and then made
  10. Back to settings.apk and choose the standard mode and made
  11. Keep repeating step 9-10 until the home screen appears in normal mode
  12. Go to Google Play and enter the PIN 0000, then set up a new Google account
  13. Restarting the phone once completed and then go to Settings> Accounts and delete Google account
  14. Put the phone to transfer mode for blocking FRP is off
  15. Now you can reset your phone factory and go through the normal activation process of Gmail activation request.


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