Samsung GT-I8190 Charging Solution Problem Jumper


Samsung GT-I8190 Charging Solution Problem Jumper

Samsung GT-I8190 load of ways bridges
Samsung I8190 not charge problem Problem SolutionCharging Galaxy S3 Mini Samsung GT-I8190 is not very common, but when it happens really know that you will have a very bad time! charging problem may occur due to any reason, it could be due to water damage or physical damage.
In the following lines you get to know methods of simple and effective solution to combat problems Samsung GT-I8190 charging problems.

Phone no charge.
Showing error message “PC Connection”.
Phone warms up during charging.

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Check with any other Samsung original charger.
charging connectors clean and check


Tools required
Here are the tools you need are presented before going to go with the hardware method
Welding gun.
Heat gun.
Multi meter.
plastic separation tool.
Furthermore screwdriver.
Bridge wire (copper wire).


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