Speaker Booster v4.2 Apk Download



Speaker Booster is a native application that will increase your overall sound by 15-30% depending on the device.
Instead of resting drivers, the Android reinforcement speaker EQ is adjusted through sophisticated algorithm in order to increase the sound.
Just press the Boost button, sit back and relax and let the application do the work for you.
– Adjusting the volume level of the system
– Adjust the volume level of the media.
– Adjust the volume level of the notifications.
It works for both speakers and headphones. You will also discover a significant difference in their level of timbre, alarm and voice call.

Disclaimer: This application does not damage the speakers.
This application does not have viruses and will not damage your phone!

Advertising Policy Disclosure
We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever.
In order to keep our development running, speaker Booster is ad-supported to generate some revenue.
Clicking on the ads delivered by the president of reinforcement, which normally will be directed to a third party website.