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I TOOL For Windows Download


I TOOL For Windows Download



In short, iTools for Windows allows you to manage your Apple devices in Windows. Most of you offer this software is now available on iTunes, but many people find difficult to use iTunes and look for alternatives. This application is ideal for those offering a free way to adjust your device with a simpler interface and Apple-free user. The main features of iTools being able to manage applications (much faster than trying to drag them all for the phone screen), importing photos and display device storage levels. However, you can go beyond that.

  • How To Use I TOOL 

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect the iPhone until you see it on the main screen of iTunes.




Step 2: In the left pane Library, click Applications. Wait a while until all phone applications are listed in the main window iTools.


Step 3: To transfer your application to your iPhone, click the Install button at the top of the window iTools’, then click the application you want to transfer and finally, click the Open button at the bottom right of the dialog box box. Alternatively, you can simply drag the application file to the main window iTools.



You will see a message that says “setup, please wait” and after a few seconds will be successfully installed the application and displayed both in the main window iTools’ and on your iPhone .



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