VolcanoBox ver Only for those who get error ” Invalid License Data




1- Volcano 2.2.5 download see here only !!

2-Volcano download see here only !!

3- 2.2.5 Extract in new folder
4- Extract to new folder
5- Delete Folder 2.2.5 Volcanobox.exe
6- Copy folder Volcanobox.exe
7- Paste Volcanobox.exe to 2.2.5 folder
8- go jogging
9- type regedit
OK 10-
14- then right-click it and click EXPAND

15-You see a folder over volcano_tool
16- right click on it and delete it !!
17- Close Registry Editor
18- Go to Folder 2.2.5 (where is copied exe)
19- Run it
20- if no error occurred (data invalid license or can not connect to Volcano Server or any other) and then post screenshot here
21- if executed well and then close it and run it again
22- if executed well in the second half means your problem solved
23- if it is not executed 2nd time and then post screenshot here

After Doing all this you have to wait for our response !!