WhatsApp launches app for Mac and Windows PC: Get started right now


WhatsApp launches app for Mac and Windows PC: Get started right now


Our dreams of WhatsApp for Mac and PC finally has become reality! favorite messaging service in the world has just released an official version compatible with Windows and Mac, which means you can now chat from your computer without worrying about using something unofficial!

So, what are the advantages of using WhatsApp for PC?

Believe it or not, but WhatsApp FPR PC has some advantages over mobile version:


more useful to send documents to your contacts you have stored on your computer as your Internet connection on your computer-that is most likely to be much faster than on the device, therefore, send and receive files should not take long absolutely!

It’s easier to write longer texts without those annoying typos. You also will no longer angry with that damn-self-correction!

It’s handy for managing and cleaning Extremely chats. How many times have you wanted to review or delete conversations, but could not be bothered with the movement? Well, now you can scroll and click with a mouse makes this process much more efficient!

The Windows version and Mac App offers virtually the same features as the mobile version, including the creation and group management, profile editing, voice memos and send the picture – that really leaves no room for imagination.



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