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1. Download the firmware and decompress in the “ADB Tools” folder. 2. Connect the phone and leave it in fastboot (vol press – with Push Button Start) mode. 3. Flashear each of the files, so, go to the “Tools BAD” folder and press the SHIFT key on the keyboard + right mouse button and select “Open Command Window Here” option. 4. run CMD window, type or copy each of the following commands to enter and wait for the entered command is completed when “Finished” appears (some boot loader errors may appear, ignore them). —————————————– ——— ——— ——- flash partition mfastboot gpt.bin mfastboot motoboot flash system flash motoboot.img mfastboot logo logo.bin mfastboot flash flash boot system flash recovery recovery.img mfastboot boot.img mfastboot mfastboot system .img_sparsechunk.0 flash system. img_sparsechunk.1 mfastboot system.img_sparsechunk.2 flash system flash modem mfastboot NONHLOS.bin mfastboot modemst1 mfastboot deleted erased flash FSG modemst2 mfastboot fsg.mbn mfastboot erase cache erase user data mfastboot mfastboot restart — ———- –

  • Download the Moto E Super Tool


Extract the tool to your desktop

Turn on usb debugging mode on the device

Install the Motorola drivers


Run the Moto E 1 Moto-E-Restore-XT1527bat file

  • Then just select what you want to do
    1. Root your Moto E
    2. Flash TWRP Recovery
    3. Flash Stock Android Recovery
    4. Flash CWM recovery
    5. Remove the unlocked bootloader warning
    6. Fully restore the Moto E to stock
    7. Fully restore plus Relock the boot


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