• DROID RAZR HD XT926Branding: US Verizon
    Version: 7.7.1Q-144_VQW_S3-34 COMPLETE
    Android version: 4.0.4
    Bootloader Version: N / A
    desktop web version: WT-3.0.0
    Requires RSD Lite 6.0


Download the Moto E Super Tool

Extract the tool to your desktop

Turn on usb debugging mode on the device

Install the Motorola drivers

Run the Moto E 1 Moto-E-Restore-XT926.bat file

Then just select what you want to do
1. Root your Moto E
2. Flash TWRP Recovery
3. Flash Stock Android Recovery
4. Flash CWM recovery
5. Remove the unlocked bootloader warning
6. Fully restore the Moto E to stock
7. Fully restore plus Relock the boot

  • > – Please wait while the file is loaded into the Flash tool or any other box.
    > – Press the “Download” button. O Select “Firmware Update” if you want to update the software.
    > – Disconnecting the phone, which is to remove the battery and replace it again.
    > – Press the “Download” or “Firmware Update” button.
    > – Plug the USB cable to the phone to connect to your PC.
    > – The process starts, and red, purple and yellow stripes progress will be shown.
    Notification “Ok” appeared in a green circle at the end of the whole process ->.
    > – Unplug the USB cable. And you can activate it.